Travel Security Services

Duty of care for individuals and corporate teams travelling internationally has become a top priority as geopolitical hazards constantly evolve.  Civil unrest, global health crisis, terrorism and criminal activity often dictate travel plans.  From navigating travel restrictions to providing global travel escort in high threat areas, Samaritan’s global presence and assets are utilized to ensure a seamless travel experience in the most challenging areas and ensure client’s safety is never compromised, regardless of location.

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Travel Security Services

Samaritan Protective Services offers travel security solutions to reduce overall risk in today’s uncertain world. Whatever your destination, SPS ensures your safe arrival every time.

Travel Protection

Are you or your loved one traveling internationally for work? From navigating travel restrictions to providing global travel escorts in high threat areas, our global presence and assets can provide you with a secure and seamless travel experience. Even in the most challenging areas, we ensure our client’s safety is never compromised.

Our travel services include:

  • Travel Protection Agents to travel with your group
  • Travel Security Advisories
  • Virtual Travel Security Briefings
  • Security Drivers