Tactical Response

There are times when increased capabilities are needed, due to the threat environment, special circumstances and other variable factors.  When seconds count and lives are at stake, decisive response is required.

Samaritan deploys an experienced and capable Special Response Team (SRT) that can significantly mitigate and quickly respond to threats.

Special Response For:

  • Civil Unrest
  • Entertainment & Outdoor Venues
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • High Threat Environments
  • Places of Worship
  • Education Centers
Tactical Response

SRT Assets / Capabilities:

  • Active Attacker / Shooter Response
  • Counter-Assault Team
  • Counter-Sniper Operations
  • Covert & Low-Profile Assets
  • Threat Assessments
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
Tactical Response

Responding to an active attack requires specialized training, swift action and an understanding of the situation on the ground. SRT consists of Samaritan’s most highly trained and capable personnel that have years of operational experience in law enforcement, military direct action and intelligence services.

Tactical Response