Entertainment Venues

Protection of patrons, staff and assets are critical.  Entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, sports stadiums, country clubs, golf courses and music halls have unique and demanding security requirements.  Venues and management must delicately balance an open and welcoming environment with security and contingency planning.

Samaritan Protective Services provides customized security solutions for entertainment venues of all kinds and sizes. Our security professionals work with clients to provide comprehensive risk management strategies. From conducting detailed threat and physical security assessments to securing large scale events and venues, Samaritan utilizes time tested and industry leading practices to protect what matters most.

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Country Club/Golf Course Security

As threats of violence remain a significant concern to Country Club/Golf Courses, Samaritan is an established leader in the protection of Country Club/Golf Courses.

Golf course country clubs, like any other facilities, require security measures to ensure the safety of members, guests, and property. Here are some common considerations for golf course country clubs:

  1. Access Control:
    • Implement access control measures to regulate entry and exit points.
    • Use electronic key card systems or biometric access for members and staff.
    • Monitor and control access to sensitive areas such as equipment storage, maintenance facilities, and clubhouses.
  2. Surveillance Systems:
    • Install a comprehensive CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system to monitor key areas, including parking lots, entrances, clubhouses, and golf courses.
    • Ensure that cameras have proper lighting and cover blind spots.
    • Regularly maintain and test surveillance equipment.
  3. Security Personnel:
    • Employ trained security personnel to patrol the premises.
    • Station guards at key access points and high-traffic areas.
    • Provide security staff with communication tools for quick response.
  4. Emergency Response Planning:
    • Develop and regularly update emergency response plans for various scenarios such as natural disasters, medical emergencies, or security incidents.
    • Conduct regular drills to ensure staff is familiar with emergency procedures.
  5. Perimeter Security:
    • Secure the perimeter with fencing or natural barriers to control access.
    • Install adequate lighting along the perimeter to deter trespassers.
    • Consider implementing technology like motion sensors and alarms.
  6. Vehicle Control:
    • Implement measures to control vehicle access, such as barriers, gates, or security checkpoints.
    • Maintain a record of authorized vehicles and their access times.
  7. Member Identification:
    • Implement a secure identification system for members, staff, and authorized personnel.
    • Regularly update member information and access privileges.
  8. Cybersecurity:
    • Protect sensitive member and club data with robust cybersecurity measures.
    • Educate staff and members about online security practices to prevent data breaches.
  9. Collaboration with Local Law Enforcement:
    • Establish communication channels with local law enforcement.
    • Share information about security concerns and coordinate responses to potential threats.
  10. Training and Awareness:
    • Provide security awareness training for staff to recognize and respond to suspicious activities.
    • Encourage members to report any security concerns promptly.

Samaritan Protection Services provides tailored security measures to the specific needs and layout of each golf course country club. Regular assessments and updates to security protocols help ensure the ongoing safety of the club and its members.

What our clients are saying about our security services

Brandon and his agents are extremely attentive to detail and the situation. Just leaving everything into their hands made us all feel so secure and not having to worry about anything. What they say is what they do. They decided To take additional precautions and it made our event even better!!
They are the best out there! Thank you Brandon and the two agents! You are the best…. I can’t say enough good things about you and your company

We recently took personal protection service from Samaritan. The team did excellent job, very pleased with their service. They are extremely professional..if you are considering similar service…just go for it..take my word…you will not be disappointed.

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