Body Guard Services

Samaritan PS security agents, unarmed guards, armed guards, and bodyguards have worked with VIP, government officials, diplomats, corporate executives and media.

Samaritan has earned the trust of elite clients worldwide. Diplomats, Corporate Executives and VIPs rely on our expertise and diligence in providing protective services also known as body guard services, ensuring safety and efficiency. SPS agents are adaptable and intelligent security practitioners that have honed their craft with operational experience and education.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, protective intelligence and world class training, our Executive Protection Specialists (body guard) offer clients the reassurance needed in today’s challenging security landscape. Our proactive approach to risk management allow Samaritan to provide world-class protective services at a moment’s notice.

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Body Guard Services

Body Guard Services

Samaritan Protection Services offer a variety of high quality protection services, private security, and bodyguard services .

Diplomats, celebrities, corporate executives and their families require comprehensive protection to ensure safety and productivity.  Public figures and corporate leadership face increased threats of violence, reputational risks and operational hazards.  Samaritan develops a holistic solution, providing expert guidance and risk mitigation strategies tailored to client needs.

Many high-profile celebrities and CEOs use bodyguards also known as protective services. Samaritan offers elite security and risk management solutions to counter the complex risk landscape of today and tomorrow. Contact us today to learn more about leveraging our expertise, operational experience and risk mitigation perspectives.

What our clients are saying about our security services

Brandon and his agents are extremely attentive to detail and the situation. Just leaving everything into their hands made us all feel so secure and not having to worry about anything. What they say is what they do. They decided To take additional precautions and it made our event even better!!
They are the best out there! Thank you Brandon and the two agents! You are the best…. I can’t say enough good things about you and your company

We recently took personal protection service from Samaritan. The team did excellent job, very pleased with their service. They are extremely professional..if you are considering similar service…just go for it..take my word…you will not be disappointed.

A Personal Approach to Security Services

We take your protection seriously and provide a custom-tailored security plan specific to your needs.

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