Intelligence & Risk Advisory

Organizational and corporate security leaders rely on up to date, reliable and exploitable information in order to make critical decisions in today’s volatile security environment. Risks to public and private organizations can include internal and external factors ranging from insider threats to geopolitical concerns. Knowing who or what poses a potential hazard to an organization’s people, property or information is paramount to developing a comprehensive risk management strategy.

Our team gathers relevant information, conducts analysis and provides recommendations of how to best exploit the intelligence gained. With SPS, clients gain a strategic partner to navigate the ever changing business and political risk landscape.

SPS provides custom tailored products and services needed to understand the risk landscape and prepare for contingencies.

Threat Detection & Monitoring (Protective Intelligence)

Our exceptional team of analysts are experts in the field of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCINT). With vast experience in the field, access to cutting edge technology and proprietary intelligence platforms – all angles are covered. Samaritan analysts detect new threats, monitor existing ones and develop mitigation strategies with security teams.


Specialized Products

Samaritan’s Intelligence Division can provide custom tailored intelligence products to clients at a moments notice. From detailed country reports to daily specialized intelligence reporting, our team offers on time and accurate information to assist leaders in the most challenging times.


Special Project Support

New and special projects often dictate short term security and intelligence products requirements. Samaritan provides detailed services in support of non-standard or temporary projects requiring dedicated intelligence support.


Embedded Analysts

Most organizations do not have organic intelligence personnel and assets. Samaritan provides scalable, embedded and dedicated analysts to support the intelligence and risk management strategies of organizations on a permanent or short-term basis. Our embedded analysts can also assist in the development and implementation of new collection departments and company policy.

Risk Countermeasures

A Personal Approach to Security Services

We take your protection seriously and provide a custom-tailored security plan specific to your needs.


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